BUS to Essaouira : The untold facts !

Here is what to know before you decide to take the Supratour BUS to Essaouira.

Expect at least 5 1/2 hours to get to Essaouira by BUS. If the next BUS is full add 2 more hours.

Expect at least 5 1/2 hours to get to Essaouira by BUS. If the next BUS is full add 2 more hours.

While the BUS may seem to be the most economical and most practical on paper, in reality, if you add the cost of the “petit taxi” from the airport to the Supratour BUS terminal to the cost of BUS ticket you will find our MarrakechEssaouiraExpress.com Shuttle rates most competitive. Our service : time saving & reassuring.

How much for a Petit Taxi from the Marrakech Airport to Supratour Bus Terminal ? You will have to negociate for at least ten minutes and then expect to pay 150 to 200 dh or more.

How much for a “Petit Taxi” from Marrakech Airport to the Supratour Bus terminal ? You will have to negociate for at least ten minutes. Expect to pay 150 to 200 dh or more.


Here is what you can actually expect when taking the BUS:

From the airport to the BUS Terminal, expect 30 to 50 minutes minimum, not counting idle/waiting time. This whether you choose to go with the multistops city bus #19 @ 20dh per person or a small taxi where you will have to negociate a reasonable fare for say 10 minutes. Expect  the “petit taxi” to cost between 150 & 200dh or more.

Hauling your luggages in the heat along the way …

Since you can’t book online, at the BUS terminal you will need to queue up again (for a 4th time: customs, luggage, bus or taxi…). Then at the ticket counter HOPE there are available seats on the next bus. Price was 90dh one way last time we checked.

This is no joke : In high season don’t be surprised to be told that the next bus is full and you’ll have to wait for the next one some 2 hours later. Frequent users (foreign & local) know this and can get quite nasty elbow players leaving you on the side.

So in real life, out of the Airport expect 1 hour to get to the BUS station and 1 more hour to get on the BUS and then 3 1/2 hours to get to Essaouira as the bus stops for a half hour mid way whether you like it or not. This of course if you are lucky and get a seat on the first bus out.

If all goes well you will have spent a total 5 1/2 hours hauling your luggage from one point to another to save maybe 10 euros. If you loose your 1st cordial elbow match … well expect 7 1/2 hours to go from Marrakech to Essaouira.

Is this how you expect to start your holidays ?

Other facts good to know :

There is nothing to see around the BUS terminal. So you are stuck waiting for the next bus or take a taxi from there. Don’t expect to be able to negociate anything under 80 euros at this point.

Oh ! Most important, the LAST BUS leaves @ 19h00 … What if this last bus is full ?

Direct from the airport Marrakech Essaouira shuttles. Quick inexpensive & efficient that you can book online. They also run after Supratour Schedules.

Direct from Marrakech airport Essaouira shuttles. Quick inexpensive & efficient  and you can book online. The Marrakech Essaouira Shuttles also run after Supratour Schedules.

Now that you know the whole truth about the bus between Marrakech and Essaouira, why not take a minute to evaluate our services :

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